6 worthy children's books that you haven't read yet

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Children's magazines are a strange and beautiful thing. I am not sorry to spend money on nonsense, I want to read them. I am not sorry for the fact that we spend money on childish nonsense. All through elementary and secondary school children are taught to buy stupid things, which in their turn are used for adult gain. This is how I learned to make a selection of children's books in the form of a book of fairy tales. A book of fairy tales is a story in which the main character is a child who is asked to read a fairy tale. Of course, the text is rich, but the child will accidentally read something funny. Of course, the font is small, but reading a book is easy, if you take a small notebook and write in the first line: "This is how it is done in the land of the fairies and the land of the brave..." Children are happy to read this text, too! Selection in the book "Land of the Fairies and the fairies" by Anna Sypniewski is a real fairy tale, told in early childhood. My daughter is happy to begin with, she is happy to start reading the book, even asking questions. The book is called " fairy tales from an early age". In the section with the text, questions is given after the quote: "But they never did love me, they always loved them, mother and daughter...." I want to tell you about the land of the fairies and the fairies. I remember when I was a kid, my mother wrote out mini-stories about me, telling me how great it was to spend time with my sister, the daughters, the wonderful nature of the planet, the flowers and the trees, the flowers and the animals, and the children. I read them now, thinking that I am crazy. But I don't really remember. I think that in the '50s fairy tale "Tie the knot" there was a boy and his mother was hiding toys made of threads. This is probably why there are so many fairies in the world.Image source http://www.yandex.ru/hidden_treasures/5385171.html But most of all, it's cool! I want to share some more photos of my childhood bookshelf. There are a lot of them. I hope that you also have these books, dear readers. A lot of them are freely available publications that I use for my own works, my family's or as a gift. For myself, I generally include the book in my library bookshelf. It is interesting to look at the pages, considering the different eras and backgrounds of each author. I also buy books from several authors with which I have a personal relationship. I can't wait to begin to share my collection with you. In the near future

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