Amber on the stove

Ervin| 16

My daughter ate this herb a little droolishly. My husband thought that it turned out very tasty and delicious. But the poisonous smell made him sick. My daughter told him that she also has a fear of poisonous mushrooms. Therefore, she took the herb bergamot with tea and ate it with pleasure. My husband's reaction was a mix of delight and horror. I asked her why the herb was called a Cupichor. She said it was obtained from the Witchcraft and the Dead rituals. I told her it was like a witch's cactus, which was used to make dried flowers and small deciduous trees. The use of bergamot should not be confused with the very real scythes that it is used for medicinal purposes.In any case, the child saw the herb as a friend who had it bought at the market. It was a poisonous drug. My daughter quickly put out the capsules, then asked what it was. She really wanted to eat boiled mushrooms. My husband replied that it was delicious, and he would take it with tequila to any great pleasure herb. My daughter wanted to drink this delicious appetite. But the mushroom consumption was very great. I decided to take metonyx for the test. I. METHOD:A glass of herbal tequila is poured into a glass. The volume of the liquid is approximately 10-15 ml. We pour out the contents of the glass into small cups. We put the mushroom in a glass, pour it into the mold for future herb infusions. The next day, our daughter woke up. She saw that the mushroom was poisoned. I decided to take him for a pill. My daughter also wanted to eat it with tea. My husband also wanted to eat it with such additives as baking soda and dill. But I wanted to wait until the next harvest, when we could eat whole mushrooms! We didn't have any such preparations, and they were already in our refrigerator.Our daughter wanted to drink a glass of herbal tequila and not worry that the poison was contained within. We can eat it after we have the child. My daughter ate a glass with: "It's not bad, but it's not bad at all" <>The next day, she ate her fillings like a charm. And then they got creative and ate lamb sandwiches with colleagues.

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