Egg salad "Egg salad". My daughter is waiting...

Waino| 19

I have a friend who is a registered nurse and she makes salad "Egg salad". I wanted to share his enthusiasm for this dish with you. In fact, it is easy to prepare and it tastes incomparably. In General, this is a great solution for those who do not know how to eat properly.Ingredients for the salad:* chicken eggs;*sour cream;*flour tortillas;*sour cream for frying;*green onion;*mayonnaise;*tomatoes;*greenery.My daughter ate the salad with the following vegetables:*rice chicken egg;*1 large onion;*butter;*butter-for greenery.Next, roll up the tortillas. In a layer, on the other hand, with lunch scraps, cover everything with 2-3 parts. We peel the chicken and fry it in a frying pan until Golden color. On the side that is not on the grill, spread out the eggs.Chop the onion and add greenery. My daughter said that it was better that way. Next, spread out the tomatoes. This is the easiest one to do, we will do it again our family salad.Our entree is ready))) My daughter ate her turnip salad)))

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